The Canton of Monadh and the Dancers of Ealdormere Present:

Step Spritely 2015, A Venetian Carnaval


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Event Date

February 7, 2015


Meadowvale West Church Centre
    6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle,
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5N 2W7

There is ample free parking

The hall is wheelchair accessible

The event is Baby Friendly

The Church Center is a few minutes North West of Toronto, Ontario along Highway 401

Transit Access The site is steps from the Meadowvale Town Centre Transit Hub, which is on the Milton GO bus line from Union Station. Here are some basic Public Transit Directions from Toronto which can be altered for any starting point.

Driving Directions: Have a look at This map, then make your way to the 401 towards Mississauga

From the West

From the East


Fees and Contact Information

Site fee is by Donation,

After expenses, proceeds will be divided between, the Canton of Monadh, the Barony of Septentria and the Loud band fundraier.

For more information, please contact


          Loud Band Fundraiser

Thanks to the generosity of the dancers and Vest Yorvik, we raised approximately $1200 to equip a Loud Band for our collective Dancing pleasure

Instruments will be loaned for one year under the stewardship of Mistress Emma and Master Martin

Donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated, but not required

A Full Day of Classes

A Full Day of Classes
Join us for a full day of Mediaeval and Renaissance Dance Classes for everyone, both Social and Performance
We also have classes for musicians and those with an academic interest in Early Dance
For questions, comments, or requests about the class list, or to ask to teach, please contact
Full Class List

Tentative Schedule:

Time Room A
Carpeted room (left door)
Room B
(next to Sanctuary, right door)
Room C, Music Classes
10:15 Warm-up
10:30 - 11:45 Three Dances from Il Ballarino A few Gresley Dances Gresley Music
11:45 - 1:00 Two Dances from the Il Papa Manuscript A few English Country Dances Music for SCA Court
1:00 - 2:15 Lunch Break
2:15 - 3:30 First Ball Set Review La Principessa di Sancto Paulo Dances and More
3:30 - 4:45 Introductory 15th Century Italian Dance St. Paul's Cathedral: Gwommy's Verse 2 Special Topics in Rhythm: Syncopation and Hemiola
4:45 - 6:00   Circles of Love - 3 16th Century Italian Dances Music by Giorgio Mainerio
6:15 - 7:30 Dinner Break
7:30 Ball
11:00 Refreshments
1:AM clean-up

Evening Ball and Revel

The ball dances will be taught during the day

Deserts brought to the potluck will be offered during the revel along with furuit and drinks.

The Ball List will be available shortly, please check again soon

The Site closes Very late!

All musicians are invited to play for the ball. Please contact us for details

Garb (Costume) Requirements

Garb is optional during the day while we learn 'about' period dance

Standard garb requirements (an attempt at pre-17th century costume) apply for the evening Revel and Ball

To help set the mood, please try to remain 'in persona' at the ball. (i.e. avoid "modern" topics of conversations).


Lunch, Supper and Drinks



There will  a light lunch available to purchase for $5 
an all day bottomless soup bowl for $7 

(Lunch will be out from about 11am until about 3pm)

Items in the Lunch menu:

Potluck Supper - with buy-in option ($8)

Due to Delays in Food arrival last year, we are going to try something different for supper this year.
We are encouraging people to stay-in for Potluck.
Please bring a main dish, side dish or desert to share - or if you cannot bring something, there is a buy in option too.

  We have access to a microwave, a house hold sized stove, and a few outlets for crock pots.  

All food is being organized by Lady Yvette. Please e-mail her to confirm that you are joining the potluck and if you are bringing something or buying in. email     yvette.foster at

Current Potluck list is here:

Should you choose to go for other options, The site is part of the Meadowvale Town Center and there are countless restaurants and a 24 hour Metro grocery store across the parking lot.


Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages will still be available throughout the event.

The site is dry (Ontario law prohibits BYOB).


Please note that this is a Nut Free Facility


Annual 'After Steps' Sunday Practice

Join us in Brantford on Sunday for a focused dance workshop followed by open dancing.



New to the SCA?

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a history club devoted to studying and re-creating the best aspects of life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It could be considered a historical re-enactment or living history organization. Unlike most of these, however, the SCA does not concentrate on a narrowly defined time period, let alone a specific war or other event. It also has no minimum standard of authenticity.

SCA activities are open to everyone and have more to do with re-creation (and recreation) than with re-enactment. The only requirement for attending an event is wearing an attempt at pre-17th century garment. This easily attainable requirement is one of the strengths of the Society. It makes it possible to participate on a small budget. It also means participants with all degrees of skill and spare time can find their niche. As long someone is interested in an aspect of Mediaeval or Renaissance life, there is a place for them in the SCA. Perhaps this is why some describe the SCA as a large group of people with interlocking hobbies.

To find out more about the SCA, you can contact the Event Steward or visit the following sites

More details to follow, please come back often

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